Ownboard W2 Pro Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor Brand New Production

Ownboard W2 Pro Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor Brand New Production

Ownboard has come up with a brand new production for the epic Ownboard W2 ; and just released an even better version - W2 Pro !!! Now available only at eRider Australia!


W2 PRO ESC uses a custom Hobbywing ESC with sensors. Even if you are riding on mountain roads, the voltage setting of 12S has a faster starting speed and stronger climbing ability than W2.

The battery uses a 12S2P Samsung 40T battery pack, which has a faster startup speed and stronger climbing ability. OWNBOARD's professionally designed battery box is made of aluminium alloy die-casting, which has higher strength, stronger heat dissipation, reliability, and almost maintenance-free characteristics, and has an IP55 waterproof design.

Customised 5255 brushless outer rotor motor, 160KV 750W * 2, higher power density; tile-shaped neodymium boron disk can improve magnetic flux and provide more powerful power, 0.2mm silicon steel sheet can reduce current loss and heat generation

Regenerative braking: braking
The battery will be charged at time, which can save more energy and extend the driving time.

2.4G wireless remote control:
With 3 speed modes, ergonomic design, excellent soft-touch materials, no connection loss, smoother acceleration and braking. The integrated LED display shows settings and battery power. We also include vibration reminders for power and connection.

Vibration-absorbing and comfortable cloud wheel
The use of the new 105mm cloud wheel can ensure high durability and a more comfortable riding experience.

Ceramic bearings:
Dust-proof, durable electric skateboard bearings can achieve professional speeding and longer service life.


Product specifications

Maximum speed:

Beginner mode: 15.5 mph (25 km/h)

Intermediate mode: 24 mph (39 km/h)

Proficiency mode: 26-28mph (42-45 km/h)

Fully charged range:

SAMSUNG 40T 8 .0Ah: 15 -18 miles (2 5 ~ 30 kilometers)

Maximum load:

120 kg (265 lb)




8.8 kg (19 .5lb)


Fiberglass bamboo, 38 * 9.05 inches, Flex design


5 25 5 Double belt motor, 160 Kv 7 50W * 2


Shock-absorbing and comfortable 105mm cloud wheel



Samsung 40T 8.0Ah (18650 2P12S) lithium-ion battery


Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz output: 50.4 V, 3A charging time: 3 -3.5 hours

What's in the box:

1 x fully assembled eBoard

1 x OLED remote control with USB charging cable

1 x certified charger

1 x DC port charger adapter (you can plug US, AU or EU into your place)

1 x T-tool

1 x rear LED Lamp

1 x user manual

1 x moisture-proof rubber

1 x extra strap

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