Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26

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HIMO C26 Electric Mountain Bike 48V Hidden Lithium Battery 250W Rear Drive Motor

  • 250W Motor, Max 25km/h Speed

  • Max 100km Mileage

  • Jianda 26x2.125 Pneumatic Tires

  • Adjustable Heights

  • 3 Speed Running Modes

The throttle has been locked for this unit in order to comply with Australian Regulations.

Xiaomi HIMO C26 Electric Bike

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 | eRider.com.au

A bridge city and nature that takes you far away

Take you through the new fashion

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 | eRider.com.au

The Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 boasts a high-definition LCD instrument (waterproof performance up to IPX7, without the fear of wind and rain), real-time monitoring of riding data and easy to manoeuvre. Manpower, electric assistance and pure electric modes can be switched freely to meet the various needs of urban commuting and professional sports.

Sustained energy surging

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 | eRider.com.au

The ebike has a large-capacity battery compartment with 52 18650 cells, completely hidden in the lower tube of the frame, doubly protected by battery lock and safety wrench. It is safer and more convenient, with an electric range of 60km and a range of 100km for cycling. Its rich and durable high-power output provides for a free and happy riding.

Change speeds as you like and enjoy the ride

The Shimano 7s transmission system is equipped with a 250W high-speed motor. The gears can be adjusted quickly and reliably. The riding is light and labour-saving.

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 | eRider.com.au

High-strength all-aluminium body

The all-aluminium alloy frame design mostly uses a combination of reducing cross-section profile technology and water injection moulding technology. It is light in weight but high in strength. It hides the lithium battery, giving you a new and cool appearance.

Outdoor sports riding design

The Xiaom HIMO C26 electric bike adopts an adjustable suspension fork – the shock-absorbing stroke can be turned on or off by the right knob and the shock-absorbing softness can be fine-tuned by the left knob, providing you with multiple choices of racing and off-road modes, and comfort and long-range modes, and is more adaptable to a variety of road conditions. An exquisite workmanship, lightweight, strength and good cornering performance make this an unbeatable vehicle.

Xiaomi HIMO Electric Bike Grey C26 | eRider.com.au

Racing without losing safety

Both front and rear disc brakes use power-off sensors to replace traditional lines. The appearance is simple, the braking is stable and the performance is outstanding. It features quick braking to ensure safe riding.

Weight 25kg
Colour Grey
Buttons Switch Button
Material Aluminium Alloy
Range 80km (Electric)
Wheels Spoke Wheel
Type HIMO C26 Electric Bike, Xiaomi HIMO
Speed Max. 25kmph
Battery Life 650 Cycles
Charging Time 5-6 Hours
Wattage 250W
Xiaomi HIMO C26 Electric Bike (Grey) 1
Key 1
Assembly Tools 1
Charger 1
User Manual 1