Collection: LycaonBoard - Brings the Electric Skateboard Revolutions to ESK8 Lovers

LycaonBoard was founded to offer accessible electric skateboards for eskate lovers at a revolutionary price.


Arthas, an eskate lover and the founder of LycaonBoard, had been living in the East of Africa. He loves Lycaon dogs when he was volunteering there. When he decided to build his own brand of electric skateboard, Lycaon was the first name came into his mind.

-Spirit of the Team

Lycaon, also known as the African wild dog, painted dog, is a highly social animal. They cooperate as a team while hunting and take care of the tribe. Arthas hopes the team could be a group of people love e-skating and have strong bonds as Lycaon does.

-Symbol of the Performance

Lycaon is one of the top 10 fastest land animals in the world, hunting by approaching prey silently, then chasing it in a pursuit clocking at up to 44 mph (70 km/h) for 10 to 60 minutes. That's the vision of how LycaonBoard should perform- Speed & Stamina.


-Cutting down the cost for genuine value.

Says Arthas: It's now a hard time and also a good time to enter the electric skateboard market. As for the hard time, there are already many established e-board companies. It might be difficult to be recognised as a new brand. As for the good time, the technology is well developed, which allows us to control the cost at a reasonable price for more e-skate lovers to have fun with their desirable boards.

-Functionally Competitive to current e-boards

Speed, range, ride, control, convenience & cost-These are the elements what we would focus on when selecting a board. One always comes at the expense of the other. The essence of building a fine board is to find the balance. LycaonBoard strives to build board running smoothly faster and further as the Lycaon dogs do.

-Put in more creativity into the board.

Electric skateboard is more limited compared to traditional skateboard for its speed and riding mode, but not necessarily dull and boring. LycaonBoard integrates more interesting design with the board, allows more visual enjoyment with the strong mechanism.


-Personal Experience Valued

Arthas builds LycaonBoard simply because he wanted to customise a perfect board for himself. And he believes everyone would love it if the board could fit his/her specific need. For sure it is impossible for companies to customise boards for everyone. But your opinions are attached great importance when LycaonBoard design a new board. Come join LycaonBoard to make e-boards better for a ride.


-Skilled Manufacture & Strict Quality Control

Safety comes first. The mechanic flaw might cause danger to life. Rational board building and rigorous experiments ensure every board to be ridden smooth and safe. LycaonBoard team would also manually test out the board before launching. Stay with a board company who actually rides!

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