eRider is extending its free Club Membership in 2020!

eRider is extending its free Club Membership in 2020! You’ll be joining a club that gives you more than just a secret handshake, you'll have access to exclusive benefits that will ensure you make the most of your purchase.

Your ride starts with eRider Club

Membership Benefits

- CLUB PRICES - Get exclusive access to our Club Prices giving members great discounts across our entire range of products.
- 5% DISCOUNT - Earn a whopping 5% DISCOUNT on your first purchase at eRider.
- PARTS - up-to 50% discount and fast shipment on original parts.
- CLUB SERVICE - Priority and Impeccable Pre and Post Service. Advice and consultation on products and parts.
- PRODUCTS - eRider Club Members get notified first on all new products’ launch, pre-orders and receive exclusive discounts on new arrivals. More info:

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