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  • Ownboard Carbon AT 3000W 40” All Terrain Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor 14AH battery Carbon Fibre

    About the Carbon AT

    After almost one year of focused development, Ownboard finally have a finished eBoard out of resilient & nice looking  carbon fiber with a proper & comfortable design so you won't have any problems with wheel-bite or unsafe standing. 

    Beside high-quality materials, Ownboard focused on high-quality & well-working parts for the electronics such as the customised Hobbywing ESC with 3 speed modes & a sensor for smooth braking & acceleration, which offers you a safer and enjoyable ride on your electric skateboard. Furthermore, the ergonomic Remote is also a customised version of Hobbywing which gives you outstanding control feeling so that you get merged with your eSkateboard.

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