The epic WowGo 2S PRO heavily discounted until stock lasts

Check out the epic WowGo 2S PRO, heavily discounted until stock lasts!

The design of WowGo 2S PRO Electric Skateboard is inspired by Greek mythology--Poseidon” the king of the sea”, and his trident. They are so powerful and charismatic.

We used the trident and the huge waves as the bottom pattern of the deck. In addition, we added a small trident logo on the front end of the grip tape to echo the bottom design. It is the perfect combination of modern craft and art.

The deck is made of Canadian Maple, bamboo, and fiber glass. The composite materials provide higher strength and is more suitable for high-speed riding and acceleration.

The deck’s concave cradles your feet for lock-in feeling, and improves manoeuvrability.

With the newly designed Posidon theme and finer grip tape, we upgraded the WowGo 2S PRO’s looks and feeling to create the perfect combination of modern craft and art.

WowGo 2S pro equipped with the 500W*2 motors which have more torque with smaller input current. The internal structure of the motor has been optimised, meaning the PU sleeves are easier to swap and less noise issue.

And the exclusive customised motor caps make the motors look more advanced and more beautiful.






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