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FIIDO is a brand of a new generation of Internet companies that integrates design, research and development, production and online direct sales. From the product to the customer, there is no middle link! Let FIIDO users get very reliable products and excellent services at the right price. This is FIIDO!

Our core team consists of a group of partners who love life and love electric vehicles. The core members have many years of industry experience in the Internet, intelligent hardware, and bicycle design, research and development, and production.

FIIDO brand meaning is: Free, Feel, DO, Chinese means freedom, personality, hard work. FIIDO focuses on the field of portable and intelligent mobility, and aims to provide customers with practical, free, and personalised green travel methods!

The design concept of FIIDO electric bicycle: light, safe and quality! Its "urban version", "parent-child version", and "voyage version" three series of products, respectively for the younger generation of commuting, outing; pick-up and delivery of children to young parents, shopping; for driver drivers, convenient travel Many people enjoy the fun brought by technology products to make city life better.

Light travel, FIIDO is preferred!

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1 Produkt