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      About Mearth Technology

      Using innovation to reshape transportation.

      We believe that you have the right to a better commute—a better and more sustainable way of getting where you need to be. And who says that it can't be fun along the way?

      Convenience, but with more fun

      You don’t need to sit around in traffic all day. You also don’t need to spend so much for gas. What you need is convenience. That’s why we’re here.


      At Mearth, we aim to make your life easier and more efficient. We help empower people by giving you better control about how you move about either through the city or through suburbs.We help bring back technology to the real world, and help you be more in touch with everything around your without disrupting your daily routine. Innovations like electric scooters and electric bikes are more sustainable, more convenient and much more fun. We also believe that they are the future of transportation. We’re aiming to make them so.

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      The idea for Mearth began.

      We wanted to make a tool that anyone can use, anytime and anywhere. In June, we confirmed that Electric Scooters is the solution for us. It was then we started to engineer prototypes.

      March 2016 - The first prototype was made.

      October 2016 - Improved MarkII completed.

      Feb 2017 - Manufacturable MarkIII completed

      March 2017 - First gen Mearth E-Scooter

      Jan 2018 - Second gen Mearth E-Scooter

      Mid 2018 - By using the same technology we developed, we have launch our first Smart Electric-Bike.

      End of 2018 - Best Selling Australian E-Scooter in Australia & Best E-Scooter in StartCon 2018

      2019 - First Mearth X-Series Scooter


      Note: we only ship Mearth Electric Scooters to Australia 

      Mearth models comparison: 

      Feature Mearth S Pro Mearth S Mearth X Pro
      Max Speed 32 kph 32 kph 25 kph
      Range 45 km 25 km 25 km
      Motor Power 350 Nominal (10 inch) 350 Nominal (8 1/2 inch) 300 Nominal
      Battery Capacity 230 Wh 230 W 188 W
      Battery extension Swappable battery Swappable battery External battery
      Climbing angle  15° 15° 15°
      Charging Time 3 - 4 hrs 3 - 4 hrs 3 - 4 hrs
      Load Capacity 110 kg 120 kg 120 kg
      Tires Armored Inflatable
      10-inch explosion proof
      Non-slip tyres
      Hollow Vacuumed Solid Airless 
      Net Weight 13.5 kg 12.5 kg 12 kg
      Display Speed, Battery level, Mode Speed, Battery level, Mode Speed, Battery level, Mode
      Modes Eco, Standard, Sports Eco, Standard, Sports Eco, Sports, Sports +
      Suspension  None None Dual Suspension
      Cruise Control Yes No
      Front Brakes Regenerative Regenerative Electrical
      Rear Brake Disc Brake Mechanical Mechanical
      Lights Rear Warning Light
      Front 5W Led Flashlight
      LED Head, Tail/Brake Lights LED Head, Tail/Brake Lights, Ambient Lights
      Extras Waterproof Rating: IP54
      Triple Brake systems
      Front and Rear side reflectors  

      4 Produkte

      4 Produkte