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Voltrium is a Melbourne based company that develops its products locally for Australian conditions. From the sunny streets of Queensland to the urban jungle of the ACT, Voltrium electric scooters deliver on performance, range and are some of the best bang for buck if not the best value sit down scooters. 

The founders Daniel and Jeff were avid scooter owners before starting Voltrium but their experiences with existing offerings were mediocre at best. They were either poorly made and fell apart soon after taking delivery of the unit or were far too expensive for the normal punter. Furthermore, after sales service was almost nonexistent as most had no knowledge of how the scooters worked. Most providers were not electric scooters specialists and just sold the units alongside many other products for extra profits.

Voltrium aims to resolve these major weaknesses in the Australian scooter market. The team uses their Engineering, IT and Media backgrounds to deliver a quality product and a community that is unmatched in terms of passion and friendliness.

Are you ready to become a Voltrium owner?

3 Produkte

3 Produkte