eRider Australia is happy to add to its stock the epic CLOUDWHEEL Donut 105mm

eRider Australia is happy to add to its stock the epic CLOUDWHEEL Donut 105mm Hub Motor Sleeve Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheels!

Redefining The Limit Of Shock Absorption

More Shock Absorption

Bigger and Faster

Curved Wheel And Unique Tread

Increase Speed

Light Weight

Comfortable Riding on City Road

Less Vibration, Better Passibility

Better Appearance, More Strength

CLOUDWHEEL Donut has an exclusive patented DFC damping technology, which can filter most of the vibration compared with the traditional PU wheel.

This is a major innovation in the history of skateboarding wheel.

Excellent shock absorption effect is achieved in limited space!

Better adapt to the rough road, greatly reduce the bumpy feeling of riding, and bring you a comfortable riding experience.

15% bigger than normal PU hub motor sleeves, making your ride unobstructed.

The curved tread design makes the skateboard effectively increase the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding.

105mm diameter CLOUDWHEEL Donut sleeve can increase the maximum speed of your ride by 3mph.

Cloudwheels have a lower density and can float on the water, reducing torque consumption when starting electric skateboards compared to wheels of the same size.

Let your feet no longer be shaken numb and go where you want to go.

Let your hub motor board not only applicable to general urban roads, but also to conquer bumpy roads, potholes and turfs.

CLOUDWHEEL Donut not only pursues excellent shock absorption, but also brings better appearance.

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