eRider Australia is happy to launch the brand new Mearth RS Electric Scooter

Mearth RS Electric Scooter |

Quick Information:
561WH 36V* Battery
40 kph Top Speed
65 Km* Max Range
25% Climbing Angle
10" Explosion-proof Tyres

The Mearth RS Series, the latest addition to Mearth’s electric scooter line, will be arriving in Australia soon. This long-range foldable electric scooter promises to offer all that you need in an e-scooter. Providing a balance of performance, comfort, and safety, the Mearth RS Series is bound to take you through long and worry-free rides. 

With a 500W 36V battery power, the Mearth RS Electric Scooter can reach a maximum range of 65 km and a top speed of 40 kph based on lab test conditions (defaulted 25kph). Compared to other long-range e-scooters in the market, the Mearth RS Series electric scooters go above and beyond in terms of performance alone. 

Aside from this, the all-new Mearth electric scooter features 10-inch explosion-proof pneumatic tyres for added comfort and convenience. Mearth made sure to make the tyres non-slip, explosion-proof, and water-resistant to prevent leaks and damage and provide more cushioning as you ride. Thanks to its tough build, the tyres of the Mearth RS Series can withstand all kinds of terrains, including uneven surfaces, cement, mud, and gravel roads.

Indeed, the Mearth RS Series is designed for durability. That’s why the deck is made in tough magnesium alloy, the lightest and strongest metal. Then, the strength and durability are reinforced using one die casting moulding. 

Finally, the Mearth RS Series ensures extreme comfort and safety. With a wide deck, non-slip grip handles, and large pneumatic tyres, the new electric scooter promises comfort and easy manoeuvring. Moreover, its front and rear disc brake, rear foot brake, anti-lock brake, and double-hand grip brake ensure that the rider’s safety is always a priority. 

Overall, the Mearth RS Series offers well-rounded features, giving all that you need in an electric scooter. Feel free to go anywhere thanks to its power, comfort, and safety.

The Mearth RS Series offers everything that you need for your daily trips. Equipped with a 561WH battery, 10-inch wheels, and a sturdy build, the Mearth RS Series can take on any road with ease. Feel its power at work as it takes you through long and worry-free rides.

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