eRider Australia is super excited to bring to Australia the WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard

eRider Australia is super excited to bring to Australia the WowGo 2S MAX Electric Skateboard

WowGo 2S Max Electric Skateboard and Longboard is WowGo's brand new series

The WowGo 2S Max is the most powerful entry level electric skateboard, built-in 12S2P cells (higher voltage provides more power), the deck concave shape locks your feet in position, and gives you 45km top speed. Compared with the WowGo 2S Pro, it has a more detailed design, and the details of the trucks will make you love it even more. 

Engines revved up

The supercharged design boosted the motors from 500W to 550W, a combined increase of 100W compared to the two motors on the 2S Pro. With higher speed and greater torque.  The upgrades on the motor and ESC have allowed us to break through our initial settings at 40KPH maximum speed. The skateboard can now easily reach 28 mph(45 kph), taking you on a ride with the wind.

Exceptional range

The WowGo 2S Max Electric Skateboard and Longboard has 12S2P, 5.0Ah, 50.4V. For the same battery capacity, the 12s provide more power and endurance than the 10s, leading ahead of most of the same-tier skateboards on the market. Pairing the 12s with a 1100W motor equals full force power. 

Stable - 50° Trucks 

If you are new to skateboarding, or are looking for a stable ride, the 8-inch 50° trucks is your best bet. In addition to stable high-speed performance, we installed soft 85A bushing for flexible steering. The combination of the two features provides you with a stable and secure ride. Even if you are new to skateboarding, you will have the confidence to try it out. 

Better Shock Absorption

We replaced the traditionally thin and fragile grip tape with a clean and generous matte texture design. Using enhanced foam and increased thickness of the grip tape, effectively absorbing vibration. The softness of the foam will make both your feet and your ride more comfortable. 

Solid Build

8 layers of solid Canadian maple wood + bamboo + glass fiber. Durable yet flexible. With balanced depth for foot placement, the deck is built for full control, no matter the shoe size.


Based on the 2S Pro ESC, we made a technical adjustment which greatly increased the skateboard’s response time by 0.05s (reducing delay)

WowGo 2S Max Electric Skateboard and Longboard Main Specs:

• Top Speed: 45kph / 28mph 
• Real Range: 22km / 13.75mi (90mm)
• Battery: 12S2P, 5.0Ah, 50.4V
• Board Weight: 18 lb / 8.2 kg 
• Wheelbase: 31.4 in / 80 cm 
• Hub Motors: 550 W * 2 
• Wheel-size: 90mm / 105 mm 
• Hill Climbing: 25-30% 
• Charging Time: 2.5~3h 

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