Exway weekend promo starting from $1,199 + Free Shipping + Aftrepay / Zip Pay (interest free instalments) 🇦🇺😮😎

Exway weekend promo starting from $1,199 + Free Shipping + Aftrepay / Zip Pay (interest free instalments) 🇦🇺😮😎

Yes!!! Exway, one of the most advanced and smartest Electric Skateboards in the market today!

- Flex-Hub & Flex-Riot (Belt Motors)
- Exway X1 Pro Riot Dual Belt 3000W Electric Skateboard

Exway was founded by two enthusiasts of X-sports in 2016. Sunto is dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles (mainly personalised smart ones) for short trips for users. Its high-end EXWAY series of electric skateboards, which are the perfect combination of modern technologies and traditional crafts, not only strictly follow its brand concept of “Born for Freedom” but also strive for becoming the coolest, safest and the most convenient vehicles for short trips and providing users with the excellent riding experience.

EXWAY takes “Born for Freedom” as its brand concept and encourages people who live in cities to pursue freedom and explore the world. It not only attaches importance to industrial design and technical innovation, strives for building a new international brand, but also pays attention to the development of the traditional skateboard culture. In short, EXWAY starts with a skateboard but is loyal to freedom.

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Zip Pay: https://www.erider.com.au/pages/about-zip

FREE SHIPPING! Please note: due to high demand, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipping.

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