Ownboard Carbon AT 3000W 40” All Terrain Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor 14AH battery Carbon Fibre

Ownboard Carbon AT 3000W 40” All Terrain Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor 14AH battery Carbon Fibre

About the Carbon AT

After almost one year of focused development, Ownboard finally have a finished eBoard out of resilient & nice looking  carbon fiber with a proper & comfortable design so you won't have any problems with wheel-bite or unsafe standing. 

Beside high-quality materials, Ownboard focused on high-quality & well-working parts for the electronics such as the customised Hobbywing ESC with 3 speed modes & a sensor for smooth braking & acceleration, which offers you a safer and enjoyable ride on your electric skateboard. Furthermore, the ergonomic Remote is also a customised version of Hobbywing which gives you outstanding control feeling so that you get merged with your eSkateboard.

The Carbon AT comes with huge motors unified in a dual belt driving system and a  big 14 Ah Sanyo lithium ion  battery for long ranges up to 30 km. 

For the wheels, Ownboard used  elastic Honeycomb Tires 6" (150 mm) with solid rubber, so they give suspension comfort as well as enough stability to you and your electric skateboard. They also give you the advantage of riding on any terrain, even if there is mud, bricks or high grass. Compared to air tires you never have to check the pressure on them & never have to worry about any sharp objects on the way. Because of their hardness, they also work pretty well for drifts and slides. All these features won't be that enjoyable without the double King Pin axles with proper bushings & a suitable truck length. We tried different types of parts & suppliers until we found the solutions with the best results. 

Be careful, the Carbon AT is a beast but a nice one! 

The electric skateboard evolution reached an advanced stage. eSkateboards aren't longer just toys with a board & electric driven wheels. They became a serious part of our modern mobility like cars and motorcycles, and so we decided to develop a serious eBoard which we can recommend to you with the best conscience. 

With Ownboard's previous products, they already received lots of happy customers and a big fan community. You can already check out lots of reviews which shows you that our products are reliable and convincing but the  Carbon AT is on a new level!

Specification of the Carbon AT

DECK: Highest grade Carbon Fibre, 40 Inches / 1016 mm Matte
BATTERY: 14AH Sanyo GA Lithium Ion battery 4P10S
MOTOR: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 170Kv 1500 Watt*2
ESC: Customised Hobbywing ESC with sensor for smooth braking & acceleration
REMOTE: Ergonomic  Hobbywing Remote with 3 Speed Modes, 2.4G wireless
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: Forged 306 mm / 12 Inch width with double King Pin
WHEELS: AT: 6 Inches / 150 mm Honeycomb Tirewith solid rubber ( elastic All-Terrain)
GT: 120mm Cloudwheels with   damping foamies core
SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
BEARINGS: Ceramic Bearings (water & dust proof) 
RECHARGE: 4-5 hours with 3A charger
TOP SPEED:  38 km/h / 24 mph (GT up to 42km/h)
RANGE: Up to 30 km / 19 miles  (GT up to 42km)
WEIGHT: 11 kg
MAX LOAD: 100 kg / 220 lbs
HILLS: Up to 30% 
Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Proficient Mode: 24mph (38 km/h)



1 x completely assembled eBoard              
1 x remote with USB charging cable              
1 x certificated charger              
1 x DC port charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)              
1 x T-tool
1 x user manual               
1 x dash-proof rubber              
1 x extra OLED remote      
1 x extra belt 

Manufacturer Warranty

180 Days

Hub vs. Belt Drive 

A belt driven eBoard has the motor mounted outside the wheel with a belt connecting the motor and wheel with a sprocket. A hub motor has the motor mounted inside the wheel with no need for a belt. 

Belt Drive

Ownboard's belt drive system allows for interchangeable wheels and of course a full polyurethane wheel for a more  comfortable ride and  greater customisation. The 3:1 gear ratio offers so much  more torque than a hub motor of the same power.  Faster acceleration, better hill climbing ability, & power over  rough terrain where hub motors are left in the dust.

Hub Drive

With just a few mm of Polyurethane separating the motor and the riding surface, hub motors don't provide a very comfortable ride on anything but the smoothest of roads. Yep, we admit, hub motors are more discreet and look great. If you prefer the look of a hub motor then that's fine, but if you prefer more torque, acceleration and complete customisation then belt drive is the way forward.

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More info: https://www.erider.com.au/collections/ownboard-the-high-performance-electric-skateboard-and-longboard/products/ownboard-carbon-at-3000w-40-all-terrain-electric-skateboard-with-dual-belt-motor-14ah-battery-carbon-fibre

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