Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Pro Electric Skateboard is now in stock

eRider Australia is happy to update you all, that we now have in stock the epic Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Pro Electric Skateboard

The all new 2022 Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Pro Electric Skateboard featuring an all new ESC, a brand new Molicel battery pack, and improved TKP trucks. The 6” AT rims also features the same oil slick anodisation found on the Zeus Pro. Handle is now included as a standard accessory.

The all new Ownboard Carbon Zeus Pro Electric Skateboard ships with the brand new 13S4P Molicel battery pack utilising M50A and P42A cells pumping out 936Wh and 786Wh respectively with a maximum range of up to 80 Km (M50A) with 120mm cloud wheels. To harness the increased discharge capabilities of the new Molicels batteries, a brand new ESC with updated components will be used to deliver maximum acceleration and braking. The Zeus Pro also features the renowned split angle TKP trucks but with a more robust and durable design while maintaining the same level of carve-ability and stability at higher speed.








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