We got brand new stock of the epic BLVD Cruze Electric Scooter

We got brand new stock of the epic BLVD Cruze Electric Scooter! Only $749!!! Order yours now - stock is limited!
The BLVD Cruze is our signature electric scooter and has been designed with performance, safety, reliability and value for money at top of mind.

Crafted from airforce grade aluminium the BLVD Cruze eScooter offers a quality, smooth ride in a light, foldable and lockable package.

It's unique rear wheel drive hub motor ensures greater traction, stability and easier steering by apportioning greater weight to the rear and produces higher torque enabling you to approach hills with ease.

Our BLVD Cruze electric scooter is backed up by our 12 month warranty. We hope you don't need to use it, but experience peace of mind mobility knowing we are only a phone call away.







More info: https://www.erider.com.au/collections/blvd-scooters-excellence-in-micro-mobility/products/blvd-cruze-electric-scooter

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