Why did all the famous global brands decide to partner with eRider?

The world's most famous and credible brands have approached us with the hope that eRider will represent them in Australia! Brand names such as WoWGo, Maxfind, Ownboard, Exway, Hero, Mearth, FLJ, JueShuai, HIMO, to name a few; who manufacture quality goods and sell several dozens of thousands of Electric Vehicles every year; could not provide the vital LOCAL and swift pre and post sale service, technical advice, support and troubleshooting, fast parts delivery, better payments options (such as Afterpay and Zip Pay, interest free instalments) . Further, Australia has its own 'road legal vehicles' requirements, and the local experience and knowledge of the local on-road and off-road terrain. 

eRider is continuing to receive countless emails and phone calls from various global Electric Vehicle Manufacturers. But eRider is true to its mission and values; and we will continue to sell only the best, most quality and affordable electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, electric cars for kids and hoverboards in Australia!

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