WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard and Longboard Still Best Seller

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard and Longboard! Still best seller, still amazing value top performance electric skateboard!

All Bamboo plus fiber glass deck

WowGo 3 use the all Bamboo plus fiber glass deck which is more flexible and stronger. You won’t need to worry about the deck break. It will provide you more comfortable riding experience and better shock absorbing.

New Turbo ESC and OLED remote

The WowGo 3 has an SIGNIFICANTLY improved turbo ESC (The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at much higher current) which allows you to get larger torque and faster acceleration, when you switch to the Turbo(T) mode, it provides extra 55% max power and more torque.

The new OLED remote is designed to be comfortable and easy to use .And you can easily read the battery. Speed. Mode. Trip and Total Range information on the OLED screen.  

Speed Mode:
1 Slow mode:   20km/h 
2 Normal mode: 30km/h 
3 Fast mode:   39km/h 
4 Turbo mode:  39km/h






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