WowGo Pioneer 4 Electric Skateboard and Longboard Launch in Australia

eRider Australia is super excited to bring to Australia the epic and brand new series, the WowGo Pioneer 4 Electric Skateboard and Longboard.

Real Range and Top Speed

WowGo Pioneer 4 Electric Skateboard and Longboard Test conditions for real data: 75kg/165lbs rider, using 90mm wheels on flat road, kept in 3rd gear at 30kph/18mph. After repeated tests to obtain the real range of 22 miles, 28Mph top speed, WowGo Electric Skateboards never false parameter.


Samsung 40T battery

① 12S2P 345Wh 8.0Ah Samsung 40T 21700

② 24 pcs high-capacity cells, safer and more stable current output

③ Triple waterproof and moisture-proof protection

Hobbywing HUB Motors

① 2*680W motors bring more torque and acceleration

② The ultimate silent, pristine riding experience

③ Precise response control, millisecond sampling speed

WowGo Pioneer 4 Electric Skateboard and Longboard |

Hobbywing V5.0 ESC

① Unique one-piece heat dissipation design, faster heat dissipation and more convenient disassembly

② Fast response, precise control, no delay in remote control

③ Multiple protection programs, not only protect skateboard but also rider

Unbreakable Deck

The WowGo Pioneer 4 Electric Skateboard and Longboard Deck consist of 8 layers of solid Canadian maple + bamboo + fiberglass. Sturdy and durable without losing flexibility. Unique contour with exquisite concave design. Reduce foot fatigue and more ergonomic.

Replaceable Wheels

Interchangeable 105mm cloudwheels for a more comfortable ride

WOWGO Pioneer 4 Main Specs
• Top Speed: 46Kph / 28Mph 
• Real Range: 22mi / 35km
• Battery: 12S2P 345Wh 8.0Ah Samsung 21700 40T
• Board Weight: 8.2KG
• Max Load: 330 lbs
• Belt Motors: Hobbywing 2*680W HUB Motors(5230)
• Wheel-size: 90mm wheels + 105mm cloudwheels
• Hill Climbing: 25-30%
• Charging Time: 3.5-4h
• Size: 98cm*28.5cm*14.8cm

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