Hero S8 - All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter

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Hero S8 - All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter

Why Choosing Hero S8 Electric Scooter

For a reliable, tough and durable multiple-terrain electric scooter you can trust, check out the Hero S8 Electric Scooter. This adult electric scooter offers you a seamless, secure, and consistent ride at all times. The Hero S8 is a fast electric scooter that reaches top speed really quickly. This electric scooter will also remain very stable on the ground even when you are riding at top speed.

This electric scooter is equipped with a wide, sturdy wheel which is great when skidding through corners as the wheels grip the ground pretty well to guarantee your safety on sharp bends. In addition to this, the Hero S8 Scooter has large dual disc brakes that are sharp and respond very well to emergency stops.

With a single 800Watt (reaching 1200Watt) Brushless motor capable of reaching a top speed of around 45km/h, the acceleration of the Hero Scooter S8 is very impressive indeed. This adult electric scooter is slightly heavier than many similar contemporary models and has a maximum net weight of 120 kg. However, this weight contributes to the excellent stability and balance of the Hero S8 eScooter, making this scooter one of the safest around.

Impressive Dual Suspension & Disc Brakes

The Hero S8 electric scooter offers a top-of-the-range dual suspension equipped with four completely independent suspension pistons that provide you with the balance and stability needed for a comfortable, smooth ride. Also, you can be sure of absolute control of your scooter, as the Hero electric scooter has both rear and front disc brakes that offer excellent stopping capabilities even when the brakes are applied suddenly.

Safety Sport Lights for a Night Ride

Safety is very important when you are outdoors riding your electric scooter in Australia. This is why the Hero electric scooter is fitted with both rear and front end safety sport lights. In addition to this, the scooter comes with cool acrylic-based handlebars and an acrylic lighting system that offers as many as 16.5 million colours. This gives you excellent visibility even as you ride your scooter on a dark, poorly lit road.


S - The mark that redefined mobility!

Hero S performance electric scooter is designed to give you an electrifying experience every time you ride.

Hero S8 All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter - eRider.com.au


Pure beauty in the daylight, attention grabbing in the nightlight. Hero S8 has a series of refined exterior tat is visually striking to shine.

Hero S8  All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter - eRider.com.au



Play Harder! Front & Rear Robust Suspensions coupled with custom damping, provide the comfort in speed as you can take on anything!

Hero S8 All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter - eRider.com.au

Hero S8 All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter - eRider.com.au


Tested in the highest standard facility. Equipped with certified lithium battery cells, giving you the best range it can provide, while keeping the ride smooth.

Hero S8 All Terrain S Performance Electric Scooter - eRider.com.au


Body Frame: Aerospace Aluminium Alloy T6061

Car Grade Battery / Max Range:

- Option 1: 48V 13Ah - 40KM / 26 Miles  

- Option 2: 48V 16Ah -  50 KM / 31 Miles

- Option 3: 48V 21Ah - 60 KM / 37 Miles             

Motor Power: 48V 800 Watt (Peak 1200 Watt)

Max Speed: 45 KM/H or 28 MP/H

Max Gradability: 20 degree up hill

Tires: Solid All Terrain Wheels (NO FLAT TIRES) 200 x 90mm / 8 x 3.5" 

Light: 2 LED Front Lights + 2 Acrylic Lights (16 million colours) + 2 LED Rear & Brake Lights

Brakes: Front Disc Break + Rear Disc Brake + Electric Magnetic Brake

Suspension: 4 x Spring Piston Suspension (Front and Rear Suspension)

Dashboard: Smart LCD display

Folding: 5 seconds folding

Charger: CE, UL, FCC Approved Charger

Water Resistance: IP54 Certified

Product Weight: 

- Option 1 Battery: Net Weight 24KG / Gross Weight 28KG

- Option 2 Battery: Net Weight 25KG / Gross Weight 29KG

- Option 3 Battery: Net Weight 26KG / Gross Weight 30KG

Package Size: 1100 x 220 x 400mm

Colours: White / Black

Max Rider Weight: 120 KG / 264 LBS