Mearth X Pro - Electric Scooter

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Mearth X Pro - Electric Scooter

  • 25km maximum range*
  • 45km maximum range (including external battery)*
  • 25Kph max speed
  • 2-4 hours charging time
  • 2 years warranty on frame
  • 1 year warranty on battery & motor

*tested under lab conditions; range can reach up to 45km with external battery (sold separately)

Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |

Mearth X Pro - Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |
Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter |


Reach new speeds

Made with a lightweight aero-space grade aluminium frame, the Mearth X Pro Electric Scooter is designed with durability and comfort in mind. The addition of the external battery gives this electric scooter a needed boost, helping you stay longer on the road from just a single charge. The Mearth X Pro eScooter is equipped with front and rear dual suspension to absorb and dampen shock impulses, making your ride smooth on any road. And with a max speed of up to 25kph, you're sure to reach your destination in no time at all.

But that's not all, there are lot of other features that the Mearth X Pro has, including its 4-inch QLED display, bright LED headlight and multicoloured ambient light under the board. It's designed to easily folding with a quick kick so it can be carried around or stored quickly after use. With a heavy-duty stable board, balance will not be a problem on this electric scooter in Australia.

Maximum Range: 25 km* or 45 km* (with external battery)

Max Speed: 25 kph

Weight: 12 kg

Max Load: 120 kg

Charging Time: 2-4 hours

Motor: 300W nominal (rated) 800W Maximum

Battery: 376Wh (with External Battery)

Dimensions: 113 x 19 x 33 cm

Whether you need to travel short distances efficiently or you simply want to avoid traffic, the Mearth X Pro is for you

You deserve convenience. You deserve a seamless ride towards where you want to go with ease. This is why we want to introduce to you our latest electric scooter model, the Mearth X Pro.

Sleek and Comfortable Design

The Mearth X Pro has the familiar comfort and feel of its predecessor, the Mearth X but with added improvements. This electric scooter is also lightweight, making it portable and convenient for your commute.

Mearth X Pro - Electric Scooter -

Improved Motor and Battery

With its external battery, the Mearth X Pro has a 45km range. This is an improvement from the Mearth X which only had around 30km of range. The max speed for the Mearth X Pro is at 25kph and has a max load of 120kg.

Largest Display Screen

The Mearth X Pro is equipped with a 4in QLED display screen, the largest available screen for an electric scooter in the market. It also has the reliable LED headlight in front, making any nighttime ride safer.

Mearth X Pro - Electric Scooter -