ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard

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ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard

  • Top Speed 35km/h;

  • Range 25km;

  • Super light 5.5kg;

  • Gift package: Motor tire,Grip tap, Cleaning rubber, Fabric strap, ZATAZS wallet.
ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Conceptual avant garde design;
  • Aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame ultra-lightweight;
  • Efficient cooling capacity;
  • Precision engineering structure design, more stable;
  • The ultra-low centre of gravity design allows the mini body to have excellent stability when gliding at high speed;
  • The non-slip foot position reminder can sense the end position of the pedal without bowing;
  • Up to 100kg load capacity.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Up to 5.5kg ultra lightweight;
  • Portable handle design;
  • The skateboard matching messenger bag, the portability is further improved, street artefact easy carry.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Double drive high torque 70mm wheel shell motor;
  • 1000w output, top speed 35km/h;
  • High torque output, it has 30% climbing performance;
  • Motor efficient cooling dissipation;
  • 4 speed modes, remote control at any time;
  • Turbocharged section, under extreme speed of 1-3 speed mode, can quickly release and push the accelerator ,the skateboard will be raised to a higher speed.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • LG 5C 18650 power battery pack;
  • BMS battery management system, comprehensive protection and monitoring of battery operation;
  • High-quality originals with precision software algorithms improve stability and battery efficiency;
  • Long-term storage automatically enters low-power mode;
  • Ranger achieve 25km.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Embedded dual LED light;
  • Switched at any time by remote control;
  • Astigmatism engineering plastic outer tube;
  • High-brightness blue light, enjoy skate at night;
  • Brake warning function, it lights automatically when the brake is not turned on, and the safety is improved.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Fast start, it will be starting when you push the board;
  • Linear slow-down assist, intelligent algorithm controls the motor to slow down linearly after accelerator is released, reducing the frustration and improving comfort;
  • Smart sleep, automatic sleep after 5 minutes detected without operation to save power;
  • Clog conversion protection, the motor automatically stops output when detecting congestion conversion to protect hardware safety;
  • Remote control low-power brake protection, such as if the remote control power is too low during gliding before turn off, the acceleration function stops, and remote control can still use the brake function to ensure safe;
  • Power bank function, E-skateboard side door is attached with two 5v2a output USB sockets, which can charge the remote control and battery products.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au


  • Intelligent brake assist, precision algorithm system provides continuous and stable braking energy according to speed and real-time brake control;
  • Linear brakes provide smooth and linear brakes to effectively prevent lock-up;
  • Brake stroke control, the roller in the remote control can control the required braking force;
  • Energy recovery, the feedback current can be returned to the battery when braking, up to 10% of energy recovery , effectively extend battery range.

ZETAZS Knight Pro Mini Electric Skateboard - eRider.com.au

Carry bag:

  • Change the style, you can choose whether it is a skateboard backpack or it can be a regular backpack.
  • Three-point fixed strap makes you comfortable and does not shake during exercise.
  • Waterproof fabric and waterproof side zipper to prevent light rain.
  • Multi-pocket design with two small pockets on the inside and a large pocket on the outside.
  • In addition to the KNIGHT series, ordinary small skateboards within 17cm can also be placed.