Brand New Series! Maxfind Max One Mini Electric Skateboard

eRider Australia brings this epic and brand new series of Maxfind Max One Mini and Shortboard Electric Skateboards!

Designed For Kids

Maxfind Max One Mini Electric Skateboard & Shortboard has higher safety and portability. For energetic children, they spend much longer outdoors than indoors. Having an electric skateboard that combines entertainment and travel is the best playmate for children.

Better Protect The Safety Of Children

On the basis of the traditional skateboard anti-skid pad material, Maxfind Max One Mini Electric Skateboard has added an innovative PEA material, which is softer. While ensuring the emery is wear-resistant and non-slip, it can better prevent children from Bruising the skin and scratching their clothes.

350W High-Power Hub Motor

Maxfind Max One 75mm diameter wheels are matched with 350W brushless hub motor, easy to start and full of power. The internal structure of the motor has been optimised, the work is more stable, and there are fewer noise problems.

Integrated Design

The carbon fiber integrated design, with the classic tail warp, the body line is smooth and natural, which is pleasing to the eye, and the integrated body is IP65 waterproof, which further improves the riding comfort.

New Hobbywing Foc Esc

Maxfind Max One adopts advanced FOC drive mode, accurately adjusts power output, greatly reduces heat generation, improves system efficiency, deeply optimises the acceleration brake design, accurately controls the coasting speed, and brakes smoothly and powerfully, escorting your every ride.

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