Build your own Electric Skateboard with the epic Revel Boards Kit Bolt-On

What do you do during the lockdown? Build your own Electric Skateboard with the epic Revel Boards Kit Bolt-on!

Direct drive bolt-on electric skateboard

Fast install on most decks

Everything included (except a deck!)

Swappable batteries

4WD ready remote control 

The Revel Board Kit is a direct drive bolt-on electric skateboard, designed from the ground up for unparalleled versatility, massive performance, and using premium parts and materials.

It works with a variety of standard longboard wheels, and it can be installed on most decks with just 4 screws like a standard skateboard truck.

The Revel Board Kit is available with two battery options:

  • Standard range battery (144wh/4000mAh)
  • Extended range battery (216wh/6000mAh)

Revel remote can be paired to two kits simultaneously, for a 4WD riding experience.






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