eRider Australia is absolutely stoked to be bringing to Australia this brand new series Maxfind FF Belt

eRider Australia is absolutely stoked to be bringing to Australia this brand new series - Maxfind FF Belt - 12S3P 8.7Ah Samsung Battery High-Performance Belt-Driven Electric Skateboard

  28 mph / 45 kph

  25-50 miles / 40-80 km

  40% Slope

  270 Days Warranty

  Arrive within 20 Working Days (Free Shipping)

Highest Performance. The Fastest Performance Beast.

The newly upgraded Maxfind FF Belt electric skateboard adopts a belt motor, which has faster acceleration, greater torque and better climbing ability. It has the best performance when climbing and riding on rough terrain, providing you with a faster and longer sliding experience.

One Piece High Elastic. Anti-Skid and Shock Absorption.

The Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard use PPS and glass fiber composite materials, the elastic curvature is increased by 200%, making it super elastic and super soft. The mesh and foot socket design are comfortable and shock-absorbing, stand more stable.

High Performance B1 Belt. Faster, Stronger, Farther!

The Maxfind FF Belt Equipped with ultra-sensitive B1 belt motor, 1500W high power, precise control of torque and speed, with high-quality timing belt, wear-resistant and unbreakable, easy to face changeable weather and complex road conditions.

Fast - Swap Battery. Unlimited Battery Life, Travel Without Fear!

The Maxfind FF Belt Using large-capacity 18650, 8.7Ah, 42V Samsung battery, the capacity can reach 376Wh, the battery life can be up to 40km in a single full charge, and the battery can be quickly replaced, anytime, anywhere, long-lasting battery life.

Unparalleled Flexibility. Double Kingpin Trucks.

The truck adopts European standard AISIMg5 high-speed rail special material, much stronger endurance, double PU, double kingpin, double shock absorber, super easy to turn.

Motor Protection. Prevent Accidents.

The Maxfind FF Belt adopts an arched motor protection bracket, which not only resists shocks, but also prevents damage to the belt caused by random entry of foreign objects. The perfect angle makes it easy to tow.


The Maxfind FF Belt adopts a new generation of intelligent ESC, which is highly flexible and precise FOC adjustment, which makes acceleration and braking performance more linear and smooth.

New OLED Display Remote Control. One-Button Start, Smart Riding.

New four-speed remote control, ergonomic grip, equipped with switching direction and cruise control function, double the battery capacity, one-button start, safe travel, one-handed operation.

- Beginner: 9 Mph / 15 Km/h
- Eco: 16 Mph / 25 Km/h
- Fast: 22 Mph / 35 Km/h
- Max: 28 Mph / 45 Km/h

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