eRider Australia is super excited to bring to Australia another epic Mini Electric Skateboard - The ECOMOBL MINI!

Most of the skateboards on the market are designed without the lights and most of them use 90mm wheels and 10S dynamic system.

Ecomobl Mini Electric Skateboard has both the headlight and the body-light, and you are able to ride despite of the time(night or daytime). Original smooth wooden deck will give you another different experience.


Ecomobl mini Electric Skateboard uses the most popular wheel (105mm wheel) on the market as well as 12S dynamic system. Ecomobl is able to help you conquer most of the slopes in the city.

Ecomobl mini uses the newest waterproof ESC, the ability of waterproof has been enhanced extremely.

Whether you are beginner or children who like skateboarding, Ecomobl Mini would be the best choice of electric skateboard for you.

Ecomobl Mini adopts more fluent appearance as well as design scheme of wooden deck. Meanwhile, it is equipped with dynamical system with high property. These advantages make Ecomobl Mini have the unique competitiveness.

The meaning of researching and developing Ecomobl Mini is to offer a better choice for everyone. The products produced by Ecomobl and Telum will add their own creativity. We will adopt the newest elements and the maturest technology on the market in order to produce more stylish and safe products with multifunction.




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