Exway Atlas Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard 2WD and 4WD versions in Stock

eRider Australia is happy to inform our club members and loyal customers that we now have the epic and popular Exway Atlas Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard 2WD and 4WD versions!
The Exway Atlas All Terrain Electric Skateboard is a high performance, All terrain Electric skateboard! The 4 motor 4 wheel drive configuration on this model from Exway features all of Exway's renowned design and performance characteristics, combined with all the latest technology available in the personal electric vehicle market today.

With a whole catalogue of "hop up" parts and accessories to truly personalise your ride. You will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd with your own combination of the ultimate All Terrain board.

Max Speed 51kms/hr
Max Climbing Grade 40%
Battery 518wH 12S3P
Charge Time 
3.5hr - Standard Charger

Dimensions: 1168x312x160mm


More info: https://www.erider.com.au/collections/exway-the-most-advanced-and-smartest-electric-skateboard/products/exway-atlas-carbon-electric-skateboard






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