Exway Wave Electric Skateboard - More stock is due in July

More stock is due in July. PRE-ORDER NOW to guarantee priority dispatch on arrival!

Exway Wave Best Mini Flexible Electric Skateboard

Exway Wave is not only smaller in size and weight but also meets the performance needed for daily use. You can put it under your seat while on the train or bus, throw it in your suitcase, the possibilities are endless. With the added bonus of being able to change batteries in under 10 seconds, you can be prepared to travel as far as the road will take you.

Board Specifications

Max Speed 35km/hr
Max Climbing Grade 25%
 4.3Nm x2
Battery 259wH
Rated Power 430Wx2
Max Power 1000Wx2
Trucks Exway Trist 45° 7inch
Braking Mode Regenerative Braking
Waterproof Rating IP53
Grip Tape 2mm Shock Absorbing
Charge Time 
3hr standard charger / 1hr 15min Fast Charger

What's inside your box:
Electric Skateboard, Standard Charger, Manual, T Tool, Smart Bluetooth Remote

Also, a shorter distance between the front and rear trucks with kick tail design leads to unparalleled agility. The standard equipped tail puck can better protect the deck without having to worry about wearing down the deck.

Wave offers better control and portability. Replace a complete battery in less than 10 seconds. Advanced design and smart lighting function. It's the dream e-board.  It's the dream e-board. It has everything you want. This is an evolution for electric skateboards!

More info: https://www.erider.com.au/collections/exway-the-most-advanced-and-smartest-electric-skateboard/products/exway-wave-best-mini-flexible-electric-skateboard






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