New Launch of the WowGo AT2 Plus Electric Skateboard

eRider Australia is super happy to bring to Australia the brand new WowGo AT2 Plus Electric Skateboard
WowGo AT2 Plus Electric Skateboard |

Powerful Dual 2100 W Custom-built Motors

With HobbyWing 5330-175KV BLDC motor, it generates 2100 W * 2 maximum motor power and reaches the exciting 50 km/h top speed. When you ride on the road, the stronger brushless direct current motor delivers a fast and sturdy riding experience.

Ultra-responsive HobbyWing ESC To Everything You Do


As a HobbyWing power user, the ESC with the deep optimisation algorithm and the custom motor with better compatibility. WowGo AT2 Plus is set to deliver a smoother riding experience.

WowGo AT2 Plus Main Specs


• Real-World Range: 18 mi / 30 km ; 27 mi / 45 km  
• Top Speed: 31 mph / 50 kph
• Battery Capacity: 43.2 V, 14 Ah, 604 Wh, 12S4P configuration
• Motor Rated Power: 1300 W * 2
• Deck: Canadian Maple + Bamboo + Fiber Glass
• Wheel Base: 37 inches / 94 cm
• Trucks: 12-inch Front and Rear Double Kingpin Truck
• Wheel Size: 175 mm / 120 mm
• Gradeability: 30%
• Charging Time: 4.5 hours
• Board Weight: 30 lb / 13.6 kg

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