The epic and popular Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard & Longboard is back in stock

The epic and popular Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard & Longboard is back in stock!


The most stable ESC by Hobbywing for most common electric skateboards with a  discharge rate of max. 24A. The new program design allows a top speed up to 25mph (40km/h). Also, the solid PCB housing avoids a broke and waterproof usage.

2.4G Wireless Remote:
With 3 speed modes, ergonomic design, excellent soft touch, no more connection losses,smoother acceleration & braking,LED display shows settings, such as the battery level, vibration to remind power & connection.

The highly rated Samsung 30Q battery with a max.  double discharge rate of 30A (LG6.4 only 20A).  Voltage sag is reduced, which allows the eBoard to keep going on high speeds even  when the battery power is low. (Note: The ESC max discharge rate is 24A, Samsung 4.0  is 44A, Samsung 6.0 is 30A, Samsung 40T 8.0Ah is 40A). 

Ceramic Bearings:
The dust proof and more  resistant electric skateboard bearings for professional speeding and extended life cycle.

Regenerative Braking: 
The battery will be recharged when you brake, which saves up  more energy for a longer ride.


Max Speed:  
Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Proficient Mode: 25mph (40 km/h)

Range on full charging:  
Samsung 20R 4.0Ah : 9.5-12 miles (15~18.5 km)      
Samsung 30Q 6.0Ah: 12.5-14 miles (20~22.5 km)      
Samsung 40T 8.0Ah: 16-19 miles   (25.5~30.5 km)
(The advertised speed rating is based on a 70 kg rider in stable weather conditions at a  0 degree incline. We do not guarantee all users will reach the advertised speed as it  depends on rider weight, aerodynamics, incline, weather and many other factors.)

Max Load:  
120 kg (265lbs)

Up Hill:  

7.8 kg (17.2lbs) 

2-Layers Bamboo + 6-Layers Maple, 38*9.05 inches, Flex designed 

250W Dual Brushless Hub Motor, 90*54 mm, with 85A highly elastic PU-Wheel 

Safe & Powerful Li-ion Battery, Samsung 20R 4.0Ah, Samsung 30Q 6.0Ah, Samsung 40T 8.0Ah 

Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 42V, 2A 
Charging time: 2-3 hours 

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