The epic Mearth S Pro Electric Scooter is now back in stock!

Faster. Further. Safer. Go where you need to with the new and powerful Mearth S Pro Electric Scooter!



* ONLY 13.5 KG

Triple Brake System

The brakes include a foot brake, a rear disk brake, and a regenerative brake that brings energy back into your motor every time you use it.

Hot-swappable battery

With a one-click removable battery, take as many battery packs with you and your only limit will be running out of road. 

10" Armoured Inflatable Tyres

The Mearth S Pro eScooter has 10-inch explosion-proof inflatable tyres with excellent shock absorption to ensure your safety and smooth rides on all your adventures.

What if your scooter could do more?

After the success of the Mearth S electric scooter, we decided to offer a more powerful electric scooter without comprising the quality features that we have become known for. The Mearth S Pro is designed to provide a more comfortable and longer ride for commuters in Australia who are searching for a powerful long-distance electric scooter.

The same lightweight foldable electric scooter now has 10” pneumatic tires that provide all the support you need to take on any road in the city. Coupled with a 360-watt motor and a bigger battery that can give you a range of 45km, you can extend your daily commute, add more errands, or squeeze in a side trip after work. The Mearth S Pro is your go-to choice for powerful yet portable transportation.

Faster. Further. Safer.

The Mearth S Pro electric scooter has everything that you loved about the Mearth S electric scooter and more. Equipped with a 360-watt motor, 10" pneumatic tires, and a range of up to 45km, explore the city and add more trips to your daily commute!

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