We got new stock of Batteries for Ownboard Electric Skateboards

Ownboard Electric Skateboard Samsung Batteries 20R 4.0, 30Q 6.0, 40T 8.0, 30Q 9.0

Battery Package Specification:

1Rated Voltage 36V, Charge Voltage 42V
2.500 times cycle charge, provide more durable battery power
3.3-4 hours Charging time 
4.Connector Type: XT-60
5.Battery Specification:
Type                                           Size                          Power           Discharge Current 
Samsung 20R 2P10S 4.0Ah:       160*105*45mm       144wh           44Ah 
Samsung 30Q 2P10S 6.0Ah:      160*105*45mm       216wh           30Ah
Samsung 40T 2P10S 8.0Ah:       160*105*45mm       288wh           40Ah

Samsung 30Q 3P10S 9.0Ah is for W2 Max discharge Current is 45Ah

If you choose the option with the battery case, it comes with the pads and screws.

More info: https://www.erider.com.au/collections/accessories/products/ownboard-electric-skateboard-samsung-batteries

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