Mearth S Electric Scooter Debut in Australia

eRider Australia has been working closely with Mearth since 2019, and now Mearth S Electric Scooter is making its debut in Australia, making the S model the best bang for your buck in Australia, when it comes to budget and high quality Electric Scooters.

Quick Information:

  • 25km maximum range*
  • 25Kph max speed
  • 3-4 hours charging time
  • 2 years warranty on frame
  • 1 year warranty on battery & motor


Adventure to your daily commute. The Mearth S is the perfect E scooter to get you around. 25km range not enough? How does 50km or 100km sound? Grab multiple batteries to extend your travel distance to suit your need.

Colour Display Screen

An Advanced Colour Display shows your trip in detail. Speed modes -everything at your finger tips.

One Second Folding

With a simple and fast one second folding mechanism, the portability of the Mearth S is unbeatable.

Reliable Disc Brake

The Mearth S has a super reliable disc brake system that will help protect you on every trip


- Swappable Batteries

- Rear Disc Brake

- Airless Solid Tyres

- Easy Folding System

- Cruise Control

- Quiet Motor

- LED Headlight and Tail/brake light = front and rear side reflectors

Charger Specifications

Designed for people and powered by innovation. Get back the freedom and control over how you. Travel with the Mearth S electric scooter.

- Input Voltage: 100-240 Vac

- Output Voltage: 42V

Store Temperature: -10℃-35℃

- Frequency: 50-60Hz

- Output Current: 1.5A / 2A



Unfolded Size

1073 x 420 x 1176 mm

Folded size

1073 x 420 x 450 mm

Height from pedal to ground

110 mm

Net Weight



36v/5Ah or 6.4 Ah

Mileage Percentage


Max Speed

20 km/h

Max load


Climbing angle


Charge time

3-4 hours


Speed, Battery Level, Mode

Power Modes

3 – Eco Standard Sports


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