DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike

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The DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike is the combination of beauty and strength with a stylish appearance, a powerful 250W motor & amazing 60km range. It’s one of the larger and most advanced version of the DYU electric bike series.

With bump reducing seat suspension and one-step foldable handlebars the D3+ can be packed down and use up minimal space at the office and easily stored.

The D3+ Electric Bike also features Anti-Theft and SMART App which allows you to know whats happening with the bike at all times.

DYU Electric Bikes are ultra-quiet, compact, powerful  and easy to use, giving you an easy choice when it comes to personal electric transport.

All DYU Smart Electric Bikes come with a 1 year Warranty.

D3+ Specifications:

Wheel Size: 12 inch
Max Speed: 25KM/H
Max Distance: Approximately 45KM
Max Load Capacity: 120 KG
Gradability: 20 degrees
Turning ability: 65 degrees
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Foldability: Yes
Front Brake: Yes
Rear Brake: Yes
Stand: Yes
Horn: Yes
Front Light: Yes
Rear Light: Yes
Adjustable Seat: Yes
Smart App Control: Yes
Pedals Assisted: Yes
Auto Cruise: Yes
Battery Display: Yes
Speed Display: Yes
Suspension: Yes
Battery Type: Lithium 
Battery Capacity: 10AH
Battery Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
Motor Power: 250W 36V
Body Size (unfolded): 113.5 X 21 X 102cm
Box Size: 115 X 22 X 65cm
Net Weight: 18KG
Gross Weight: 22KG

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au
DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au


Wheel Size
Larger 14inch wheels

SMART App Control
Automatic connection & password unlock.

Lightweight Frame

Weighing a total of 18Kg
Strong Aluminium Alloy

10Ah Lithium Battery
45 Km Distance
Up to 25KM P/Hour

3 Mode DTST Smart Power System
Mode 1. Pure Electricity Mode
250W motor with a top speed of 25KM P/Hour

Mode 2. Assisting Mode
Pedal assist gives you easy riding and smooth climbing

Mode 3. Riding Mode
Full pedal is like a normal bicycle, get excises and no battery usage

Parent & Kid Trip
Kids Seat as an Option

Multi Shock Mitigation System
Suitable for bumpy roads
Inflatable Tires + Mechanics Shock-absorbing seat

Intelligent Bike Lights
Safe for night riding
Adjustable lights mode



DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au




The D3+ DYU Smart Electric Bike is equipped with our DTST intelligent sensing system that can automatically sense the electric power output required to assist the ride.

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au


With our One-Step folding capability the D3+ Smart Electric Bike easily folds the handle bars to be compact and easily transportable.

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au


The DYU D3+Smart Electric Bike is secure with electronic boundary when locked and not in use. With one-button set up you will receive a message alarm if the bike is out of the secure boundary . *Up to 200 meters

DYU D3+ Smart Electric Bike | eRider.com.au

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