Hero X8 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

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Dual motor power electric scooter with a sleek matte black design with a hint of red to capture imagination!

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy T6061.

Engineers at HERO Electric Scooters have built 3 new battery packs that include DMGEC car grade 18Ah, 23Ah battery options that spit around 50-70km range on one charge. For range fanatics HERO X8 Electric Scooter now boasts a massive 28.8Ah highest quality Panasonic cell battery that is capable of 90km distance on a single charge.

Motors have seen some fine tuning from Hero eScooters Engineers as well. They now run hall sensors for added functionality. New drivetrain boasts two 52V 800W motors with 2000W Peak.

Range: 50-90 kilometers, depending on the battery size you choose, rider weight and road conditions.

Max Speed:  55 KPH private use (80 kg rider)

Hero X8 Dual Motor Electric Scooter | eRider.com.au

Hero X8 Series electric scooters have had quite a few upgrades over the S series. Like the newly redesigned 8 x 3.1 inch solid rubber all-terrain tires that are puncture free. Immunity to flats means less worries about maintenance and more time for exploration and joy. No need to check air pressure, again less time spent servicing your scooter. Number 1 item sold by scooter companies around the world are tires and air tubes due to flats. The new design all-terrain tires will last you at least 1000-2000 kilometres before its time to replace them. That is some serious travel time with an absolute piece of mind. The solid tires might seem to be hard ride at a first glance but after extensive testing of Hero X8 electric scooter we found the new rubber performing really well absorbing the road vibration and giving us a blast of a ride.

Hero X8 e scooter can be ridden both day and night with 800 lumens headlight mounted at the top in addition to the front LED lights situated at the lower front end. Sounds already like quite a bit of lightning, right? Well, it’s not everything as Hero introduced a fully redesigned acrylic side lights with more than 16 million colours (patented) and 120 different light patterns options available to choose from your app. X8 electric scooter has your back covered with LED rear lights that flash when brakes are applied.

Brakes are the most important part on any e-scooter and Hero X8 electric scooter brings you the best there is with NUTT hydraulic oil disc brakes when you opt in for the top spec 28.8Ah X8. Don’t worry if you are not ready to grab yourself the best Hero e scooter because now ZOOM semi hydraulic brakes are fitted as a standard on every X8 scooter. Either way you are choosing between the best and the second-best available braking system on the market.

For added stability on off-road environment Hero X8 is fitted with dual front and rear coil spring suspension.

Smart LCD display now comes with thumb or index throttle. Key ignition with white voltmeter display (2 keys).

2 charging ports (one on each side.) 4A certified fast charger with fan is available. Charge time is 4-8 hours (depending on battery.)

Loud 90 dB horn button.

New stem design is here to set the standard (foldable) with 5 seconds easy folding!

New BMX style handlebar (non-foldable) for ultimate riding experience. Fits inside a car trunk for transport.

High quality hand grips ("Hero" engraved).

Weight: 28-30 KGS.


Max rider weight: 120 KGS.

What is in the box?

1 Hero X8 (Black)

1 Charger

1 User Manual

1x Tool Kit

Hero X8 Dual Motor Electric Scooter | eRider.com.au


Hero X8 E-Scooter Specifications

PRODUCT SIZE: 1220mm x 1200mm x 650mm

BODY FRAME: Aerospace Aluminium Alloy T6061

MOTOR POWER: 52v 1600watt (Peak 2000watt)

BATTERY: 52v 18Ah | 52v 23ah | 52v

28.8ah Panasonic (3200 Grade A Cells)

MAX MILEAGE: 55km | 70km | 90km

MAX SPEED (limited): 25km/h (50-55km/h on private land)

MAX GRADEABILITY: 28 degree uphill

LIGHTS: Front LED Headlight+Horn, 2 LED front light, 2 Acrylic RGB light, 2 LED rear light and brake light.

TIRES: 200 x 80mm (8 x 3.1-inch solid all- terrain wheel

BRAKES: Front and rear Zoom X-tech Semi-Hydraulic disc brakes + Regenerative brake | Possible upgrade to Nutt Hydraulic Brakes

SUSPENSION: Dual spring coil suspension (2 front and 2 rear)

DASHBOARD: Smart LCD display

FOLDING: 5 sec folding

CHARGER: CE, UL, FCC approved charger

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 27kg | 28kg | 29kg

PACKAGE SIZE: 135 cm x 25cm x 45cm

Hero X8 Dual Motor Electric Scooter | eRider.com.au