Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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  • 31-44 Miles Range
  • 35 Mph Top Speed
  • 1 Year Warranty

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard | 

Ultra-Long Range and Highest Top Speed

Boasting a range of 44 miles with real world test conditions (test rider weighs 75kg travelling at 40km/h on 90mm street wheels). The Hurricane also has the highest top speed of any production boards on the market, at a whopping 35mph, all while maintaining more torque than you’ll ever need.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

Powerful Performance

With 3500W*2 at your disposal, the 165kv BLDC motors alongside 15:55 gear ratio and 155mm wheel will give you incredible launch and hill climbing capabilities. Therefore, we advise at speed mode 4, only attempt to full send the throttle with extreme caution.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

Highlights of The Hurricane


At the moment, the P42A is the best 21700 high discharge cell sporting 45 Amps of continuous discharge, 4200mAh of capacity, well over 500 cycles of recharge, and the most range when it comes to extreme temperature endurance. The Hurricane carries 48 of Molicel P42As, arranged in a 12s4p configuration, giving high torque, erasing voltage sag, and more than enough range for most use cases.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |


The Meepo Hurricane is built like a tank using T700 Carbon Fiber. This deck, alongside the battery box, keeps the battery pack well protected against any puncture or bends. Not even a car driving over the board could break the Hurricane in half.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |


Evolved from the old BLDC motor controller, LingYi FOC 70 Belt embraces FOC mode and provides smooth acceleration and braking control, as well as eliminating input lag. This ESC is also configured to 70 Amps to give phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing capabilities.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

Customisation Compatibility

Unlike our competition who uses proprietary pulley systems, Meepo designed the Hurricane to have standard pulley axles (10mm) for parts that already exist in the industry. This means you can use any wheel you’d like with the right pulley, be it street, pneumatics… you name it. 

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

Get Your Own Lucky Number

Laser engrave your desired two-digit number on the back truck baseplate cover. (Selection range of numbers: 00 - 99. Please note the number in the remarks area on the cart page)

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

365-Day Warranty 

The Hurricane comes with a full year of warranty after purchase. We will provide this service for any damage or defects that occurred under normal usage conditions. Wearables like belts and wheels as well as purposeful damages to the board are NOT covered by the free warranty. However, you can still request a paid service that we will provide.

Meepo Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard |

What's in the box?

Meepo Hurricane
User Manual
M4S Remote
Remote Charger
50.4V/6.5A Fast Charger

Top Speed 35 mph
31 miles (All Terrain)
44 miles (Street)
Weight 15.6kg / 34.4lbs  (All Terrain)
14.4kg / 31.8lbs (Street)
Deck 3K Carbon Fiber
Dimensions 1125*340*125mm
Hill Climbing 46%
Battery 12S4P Molicel P42A
Motor Power 3500W ×2
Trucks Double Kingpin Truck
Charging Time 2.8h
Max Load 250kg / 552lbs
Wheels 155*50mm (All Terrain)
90*62mm (Street) Note: Wheels colour is based on what is available.
Non-daily Component Consumables Switch, Motor, Motor Pully, Bash Guard, Motor Mount,Truck Axle,
Baseplate Cover, Fibreglass Lid, Deck, Battery, CNC heatsink,
9.25’’ Double Kingpin Trucks, Charging port wheel pulley