NOBLEMAN TECH K2 Half-Face Helmet

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Do you love to ride on an electric bicycle, electric skateboard, electric scooter, or a snowboard and would like to reduce your risks or an injury? If so, we have a perfect option for you.

Our Best deal for a helmet, packed with lots of technology to keep you away from serious injuries. This helmet provides excellent protection at a lower price point compared to our full-face helmet. Here are some fantastic features about it.

Size: M 21.3-22.4in(54-57cm)    L 22.4-23.2in(57-59cm)   XL 23.2-24.4(59-62cm)

NOBLEMAN TECH K2 Half-Face Helmet |

We use synthetic materials which greatly improve the toughness of the helmet. The impact absorption is higher which results in the helmet not breaking as easily. All of this prevents secondary injury and provides maximum safety from a half-face helmet.

This helmet is equipped with a high-precision mechanical size trimmer, to meet the needs of users with different head shapes. This increases the stability and fitment for users when wearing the helmet, and improves safety when subjected to high-speed impact. 

Self-adapting - suction buckle design allows for ease to wear and increases the aesthetics and convenience when wearing. The edge of the helmet is covered with silica gel, which provides extra grip. The helmet has much lower chances of sliding off when covered in sweat or dampness of fingers. When wearing this feature reduces scratches, paint loss, edge rupture, and other problems caused by friction and impact (especially on the silica gel part).

Our helmet has a modular design, with four seasons in mind. The inner lining and ear protector can be replaced for any season. This is a simple process and anyone can do it. This has many benefits, so you can ride in summer and winter with the same helmet on, without a need for a bulky hat.

We also implemented a golden triangle ventilation design. The front, back, and the top of the helmet are equipped with air ducts so that you can skate even in the hot season. 

It also comes with a high-strength anti-corrosion nylon fastening belt. This extends the life of the belt, sweat and fluids do not ruin it all, extending the life of your helmet.

CPSC certified for North America and CE 1078 certified for Europe.

Pro version of the helmet weights 0.55 kg. (1.2lb)

We offer this half-face helmet in white, mint green, and matte black is coming at the beginning of the summer.