The Wiggles Ride On Electric Car - Big Red Car

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The Wiggles Ride On Electric Car - Big Red Car

If your child is a big fan of the Wiggles, then this big red car is just the thing for them. Complete with charming stickers and a bright red lacquer paint finish, The Wiggles kids ride on car is totally fun to ride.

With dashboard stickers, push start ignition, forward and reverse control and a step-on accelerator, the kids ride on car is easy to operate and can provide up to two hours on play on a full charge.

The car also comes with a soft speed system for smoother acceleration and stopping, four-wheel suspension for comfort, good quality anti-slip tyres and child-safe features such as a wide seat and seat belt.

Perfect for any Wriggles fan three years or older, our officially-licensed The Wriggles kids ride on car will make for a fantastic birthday present or seasonal gift.


* The Wiggles Big Red Car

* Stunning lacquer finish

* Push button start

* Four-wheel suspension

* 30W motor with 6V battery

* Forward and reverse motion

* Anti-slip and wide seat

* Suitable for children 3-7 years


* Brand: The Wiggles

* Model: Big red car

* Motor: 22W

* Max Speed: 3km/h

* Gears: Forward & reverse

* Seat Belt: Adjustable

* Battery: 6V 7A

* Battery Charger: AC100-240V 50Hz(DC8V 800mA)

* Output: DC6V

* Charging time: 8 to 12hrs

* Range: 1 to 2hrs (full charge)

* Recommended age range: 3+ years

* Note: Assembly required

* Max user weight: 30kg* Size: 112cm x 64cm x 50cm

Package Content

1 x Disney The Wiggles Big Red Car

1 x Battery charger

1 x User Manual