Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter

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Unlimited Practicality

The Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter can be configured with useful accessories to increase practicality.

It is recommended to upgrade to a Lithium Battery when using accessories

Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter | eRider.com.au

Class Leading Range

The Lithium battery in the Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter combined with its efficient motor means the scooter can keep going all day long.

Powerful & Efficient

The Voltrium Rogue 1600 is powered by a high efficiency brushless motor. It is able slingshot the scooter from 0 -30km/h in 5.5 seconds.

Voltrium Rogue 1600 Electric Scooter | eRider.com.au

Strong but Lightweight.

Rogue 1600 Lithium provides best in category power to weight. The rugged frame provides reassuring stability without being too heavy.

A Riding Experience One Cut Above

Besides the impressive performance of the Rogue 1600 Lithium. The scooter is fully equipped with a suite of standard features to make your ride comfortable and relaxing.

The Rogue 1600 Lithium can be an absolute beast when unleashed. Or completely unassuming when cruising around sedately.

It's More than just Aftersales. It's a Community.

eRider Australia together with Voltrium does aftersales service like no other company. We offer technically accurate advice and fast turn around times for solutions. Most importantly, we listen to you. It's part of the reason why the loyal Voltrium community is growing strong.